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Andreas Dietschi

Expertise Area:

Business Law

Fields of law:

IT Law and Privacy

Criminal Law

Contract law

To be successful in the world of law requires not only a deep understanding of the laws and regulations, but also the ability to understand your clients’ needs and help them achieve their goals. The highest level of competence and commitment is required to successfully overcome challenges.

MLaw Andreas Dietschi

Andreas Dietschi is a substitute at the Zurich location.

In May 2022, Andreas received his MLaw degree from the University of Bern with the distinction magna cum laude. Prior to that, he completed – both with the same distinction – a Master of Arts in Legal Studies (MALS) at the University of Fribourg and a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Science at the University of Zurich. In his two master’s theses, he investigated the question of “coercion through repeated, non-factual individual acts” on the one hand and contributed to the “contractual qualification of Software as a Service(SaaS) and Application Service Providing (ASP) using the example of Nextcloud as a Service” on the other hand.

During his studies, he worked for a law firm specialized in IT and data protection law, as well as managing director of a Swiss scientific organization, was member of the board of trustees of a UZH- and VSUZH (Association of Students of the University of Zurich) related SME, and for many years member of the Appeals Commission of the VSUZH and the SUB (Student Union of the University of Bern).

In addition to his legal work, Andreas is a co-board member of the aforementioned scientific organization, a passionate chess player and he supports startups, NGOs and associations with the implementation of Nextcloud out of conviction.


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