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We lawyers at Good Attorneys at Law in Zurich bring clarity. A clear strategy. Cost clarity. A clear weighing of opportunities and risks. This is highly appreciated by 100% of our clients. You benefit from our experience and competence from over 5,000 legal cases.

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Our services

Labor law

Termination, warning, employment contract? Our professional helps.

Lawyer for labor law

Inheritance law

Will, contract of inheritance, inheritance dispute? Our professional helps.

Lawyer for Inheritance law

Contract law

Sales contract, fitness subscription, car purchase? Our professional helps.

Lawyer for contract law

Tenancy law

Termination, extension, lease? Our professional helps.

Lawyer for tenancy law

Debt collection

Reminder, debt collection, debt dispute? Our professional helps.

Lawyer for debt collection

Building law

Planning application, permit, objection? Our professional helps.

Lawyer for building law

Economy & Human Rights

Reporting obligations on non-financial risks? Human rights due diligence? Our professional helps.

Lawyer for human rights

What our customers say

90% of our clients tell us that legal problems are confusing for them. That they do not understand the language of lawyers and jurists. That they can’t assess the risks involved in a legal case. Do you feel the same way?

What are you looking for? A lawyer for inheritance law? A lawyer for labor law? A lawyer for tenancy law? A lawyer for debt collection? A lawyer for construction law? A lawyer for criminal law? A lawyer for traffic law? A lawyer for insurance law? A lawyer for contract law?

Take advantage of our free initial assessment, which will give you a first orientation for your case.

Good attorneys

Fine work at fair prices.

Your lawyers in Zurich

Our lawyers in Zurich have one passion: solving your legal problem.

Good Attorneys at Law is a team of ambitious and humane attorneys who will work tenaciously to resolve your legal case.

We can’t solve every problem. We are honest about that. But what we can always do: Explain the problem to you, tackle it and defend your interests with tenacious commitment to the best of our ability.

In order to be able to help you quickly and in the best possible way, we are constantly working to keep our processes and services as efficient as possible. This also ensures that our “Good Mission” is achieved.

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We have years of experience, profound training and high quality standards.


We continuously optimize all business processes so that we can offer you efficient services and have time for creative problem solving.


We work long, hard and consistently until we find the most efficient solution to your legal problem.


We are different. You will notice.




Legal fields

“As a lawyer and entrepreneur, I know my clients’ needs. As an expert in data protection law, I help companies efficiently navigate regulation and legal issues.”

Dr. Paul-Lukas Good

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